Day 2: It's Not About Willpower (Audio)

Listen to the audio first, then follow-up here!

Your practices moving forward are a perspective shift AND a food shift:

1) Shift your perspective from willpower and control - to listening. The binge eater in you has likely been needing your tender attention for a long time so if you can shift from seeing her as WRONG to a part of you needing LOVE, she will start to feel safe enough to make real shifts. I know it's hard but don't rush this.

2) Slow down with your binge urges. We're shifting from fight to curiosity in this practice. So when the binge urge comes, don't fight. Just. Slow. Down.

Put your food on a plate (even if it's something in a bag - let it be intentional)

Sit down.

Make eating okay.

Eat and TASTE. Feel the food becoming a part of you. EXPERIENCE fullness. Eat without distraction.

A binge done in full awareness can hardly be called a 'binge' as you're interrupting the out-of-control numbing pattern JUST slightly. Let this be enough. Enjoy your food. Be with your body. We're creating safety. There's lots more to come.

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