Free Spirit Academy is here to support you getting to be safely and freely yourself.

But I assume you're here because you don't feel free.

Maybe you don't feel free in your body.

Maybe you don't feel free in your mind.

Maybe you don't feel free in your life as a whole.

And perhaps your relationship with food and your body have been chaotic as you search for control or freedom.

We not only want freedom from compulsive/addictive behaviors, painful emotions, and lives that don't work for us.

We want to feel free to be ourselves fully.

I created the Free Spirit Academy courses so that you can connect to you. To learn the tools to understand your compulsive behavior, painful emotions, and anything that's leaving you feeling less than free.

In Free Spirit Academy we don't fight our bodies or ourselves.

We come to understand that our bodies are on our sides...

...that compulsive/addictive behaviors aren't problems as much as they are symptoms...

...and that you are not a problem to be fixed, but perhaps a mystery to be explored.

As one of my favorite sayings goes: it takes discipline to be a free spirit.

However, there are ways of using discipline that just don't work (like forcing ourselves to 'be good'...when what we really want is to be free).

These courses are about the disciplines of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-expression.

In Binge Freedom, we learn that understanding emotional eating requires understanding our emotions.

In Liberated, we learn that to understand intuitive eating, we need to understand our intuition.

In Body Love, we learn to cultivate not only a liberated body image, but a relationship with our body as our wisest guide.

And in Coming Home to Your Body we come to understand why we struggle with painful emotions and compulsive/addictive behaviors. We also explore how to get to the root of our stress and trauma by learning to fully inhabit our body's experience. This is a course on how to feel.

In order to trust our bodies, we have to start understanding their language. 

You want to...

Live your precious life without constantly thinking about food all day long.

Heal emotional and binge eating...without willpower and coping strategies.

Know what it's like to live in a body you love.

Not only that...

You want to go deeper.

You want to heal and then you want to THRIVE.

Free Spirit Academy is a membership site dedicated to your thriving.

Hi, I'm Rande.

I'm an Eating Psychology Coach and I also run Free Spirit Academy. To me, a “free spirit” is you feeling safe to be you - and often that means unearthing trauma from family, culture, religion, capitalism, and education systems (etc).

I understand how trauma of all kinds can disconnect us from ourselves. Coming from a background of early and religious trauma, eating disorders, chronic illness/symptoms, dissociation and self-harm, I've had a long- time obsession with freedom and healing.

I live with my wife in the Pacific Northwest.

For more about me, click here.


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  Coming Home to Your Body: A Course to Support Trauma Healing.
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  LIBERATED: A Course for Making Peace with Food.
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  BINGE FREEDOM: A Course for Binge and Emotional Eaters.
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  REIMAGINING THE BODY: A Course for Healing a Painful Body Image.
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  Breathing for Safety and Clarity
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  9-minute Breath Practices
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