Free Spirit Academy is about you getting to be fully you.

Do you...

...wonder why you can be "perfect" with your healthy lifestyle and still feel unwell?

...struggle to be 'present', 'mindful', or 'in the flow' no matter how much you meditate or use spiritual and self-care practices.

...want to understand why you get stuck in addictive but painful patterns?

...want to learn to feel your feelings rather than thinking about reacting to, or numbing your feelings?

...want to take care of yourself without self-sabotage?

In this course we learn how to come home to our bodies in the most practical, grounded ways.

Not only that, we explore why most of us are so disconnected from our bodies, what trauma actually is, and how to actually address that trauma so that it no longer has a hold over our lives.

This course will teach you how to bring your full embodied self to your life and your practices, making everything more effective (as in, you don't have to wonder 'is this working??' because you'll be able to FEEL what serves you and what doesn't).

And finally, this course is about you becoming your own medicine and your body becoming your wisest guide. I consider a 'free spirit' to just be you when you are fully yourself (an ever expanding journey!) - and our bodies are a part of that picture. I can't wait to have you along on this freedom journey.

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  Coming Home to Your Body
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I'm Rande Moss.

I'm an Eating Psychology Coach and I also run Free Spirit Academy. To me, a “free spirit” is you feeling safe to be you - and often that means unearthing trauma from family, culture, religion, capitalism, and education systems (etc).

I understand how trauma of all kinds can disconnect us from ourselves. Coming from a background of early and religious trauma, eating disorders, chronic illness/symptoms, dissociation and self-harm, I've had a long- time obsession with freedom and healing.

I live with my wife in the Pacific Northwest.

For more about me, click here.