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  Day 1 - I Accept

Welcome to Day 1 of the Coming Home to Your Body Course and Challenge!

What do you have to do?

1. Commit to slowing down with food (there will be a weekly challenge).


2. Commit to sitting down for a guided, 4-minute meditation daily (there will be a new meditation posted daily).

What else can you expect?

1. Daily inspiration and a mantra to bring yourself back to your body as the day goes on. Day one’s mantra is “I Accept”. You will hear this explained in the recording.

2. Weekly special guests leading your guided meditations!

3. A new layer to your mindful eating challenge, added weekly.

The Week One Challenge:

:::Take 5 deep breaths before you eat, allowing your attention to rest on your breath. This is hard. I can almost guarantee you’ll forget once in a while (or quite a lot!). If you forget and dive right into what’s on your plate, it’s completely fine. Just set down your fork, take your gorgeous deep breaths, and carry on.

The Reasons for this exercise:

1) It shifts you from a stress response into a relaxation response where your food is more easily digested and assimilated.

2) Your greatest potential for pleasure is in the moment. I’d venture to say that most of us love food but rush through it in a way that negates a lot of it’s real pleasure.

3) We’re tuning IN rather than tuning OUT. So often, we use food to distract or numb what’s uncomfortable. Slowing down means that we’re not fighting food OR fighting the moment. Rather, we’re fully being there for both.

Thoughts on day one:

If there was anything I wish I could have told myself during all the years of battling with food and my body it’s this: acceptance is magic.

Pre-self-acceptance I was always aching to get somewhere. To be anywhere but here, in this body, now.

Post-self-acceptance, I’ve found that sense of “arrival” I was always looking for. But it isn’t passive like I might have imagined. I’m just finally at home in my skin and when I don’t judge that experience, my ability to grow (a never-ending adventure!!) is far easier.

Listen to the day one audio here: